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Fairweather Inn sign
Fairweather Inn porch
History to stay in!

The Fairweather Inn is located in the heart of Virginia City!

It is within walking distance to all local attractions, entertainment, & restaurants.

This historic property was first deeded in 1863, and has served various owners as an "Eating House", Butcher Shop, Saloon & Hotel, and Dormitory.
Known as the Anaconda Hotel/Saloon, the property was purchased by Charles & Sue Bovey in 1946.
In 2016, the property went through an extensive remodel, keeping all the victorian charm, and updating it to the premier property in our historic town.
old fairweather_edited.jpg
The beds and furnishings in the Fairweather Inn reflect the premier accommodations in Virginia City. 
High back beds on the main floor reflect the history of the 1860's. On the top floor, queen size beds with steel bed frames reflect the late gold mining years.
Eleven rooms have private baths and four rooms share facilities "down the hall", much like hotel rooms in the late 1800's. 
Your stay at the Fairweather Inn will set the stage for a unique experience in this historic 1800's gold mining community. It is truly "history to stay in."
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